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Located just outside Bishop's Falls on Sunset Drive which is just off the Botwood Highway 

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Check In Reward/Penalty Program For Cars and Drivers

Thru Gate Time


Payout %

12:00-12:45 25 100
12:46-1:00 15 90
1:01-1:15 5 80
1:16-1:30 - 70
1:31-1:45 -5 60
1:46-on -10 50

Any car not checked in by 1:15 pm on race day will automatically go to the rear of the field

The Starting line up for every race is set according to the point standings from the previous week.

Infractions Rules





Intentionally wrecking another car


Stopping on track to draw a caution

2 laps down

Delay of Competition (eg: Arguing with officials)

2 laps down

Stopping outside pit entrance to consult with pitcrew

1 lap down

A lap must be completed for any position to be advanced on a restart (including cars starting at the tail-end of the lead lap.




This flag indicates a penalty for the driver. There are four different violations for the BLACK flags as described below.

1st Violation

With the first violation the flag is rolled up. This indicates a warning to the driver. Other officials are the notified of the warning.

2nd Violation

The flag is unrolled and extended. This indicates a stop and go penalty. There are two ways this can be issued.

  1. If the driver is racing under a green flag, he/she will proceed to the pit road and a 10 second penalty will be issued. Officials will signal the driver to enter the field when it is safe to do so.

  2. If the black flag is issued and a yellow flag is also issued, the driver will proceed to the official at pit road where he will be held until the GREEN flag is dropped on the restart. The official in charge will signal the driver to enter the race only after the field has passed.

3rd Violation

An automatic one lap down penalty will be issued. The field will restart and the driver will start at the rear of the field.

4th Violation

The driver will be disqualified for the remainder of that race.

  1. NOTE: Failure to acknowledge and/or comply will result in immediate disqualification for the entire race meet.

  2. NOTE: Any form of abuse, verbal, physical, improper signage towards any track official will result in immediate disqualification from the entire race meet. Decisions of the track officials are final and shall not be disputed by the driver. This will also result in immediate disqualification from the race. Depending on the severity of the violation, further penalties may be issued as determined by track officials.



The yellow flag will be displayed, when in the opinion of the of the officials there is no immediate danger to anyone on the field and all traffic must be slowed to enable cleanup and removal procedures. All cars fall into single file and remain there until further instructed by officials.

Anyone who caused the yellow flag goes to the front of the pack and will start in front of the first and second place cars. The car will then be deemed the last car on the lead lap and will have to play catch up to maintain being on the lead lap. Anytime two or more cars are involved in the accident and their forward motion stops, all the cars involved will go to the front of the field. Any cars whose forward motion stops is deemed to have caused the yellow flag. At no time do the drivers argue with the official on this, they have full authority. If there is a disagreement, the driver has the right to protest after the race in writing or in the tower. The PIT is not the place for a protest.

Any cars pitting on a yellow flag must go to the back of the pack behind all cars including those cars 1 or more laps down.

Any cars lapped will go to the back.

Anyone who passes another car on a yellow flag will get an immediate black flag and will be sent to the back of the field.

Any competitor who intentionally causes a yellow flag will be given a one lap down and will go to the front of the field and will have to make up the lap.



Indicates that the race must be stopped immediately. This is critical because there may be immediate danger on the track and ALL cars must stop immediately. If a driver fails to stop for the red flag, it is up to the discretion of the officials to give out the black flag. This flag is one of the most important flags on the track.



This flag starts and restarts all races. Lead cars will be responsible to hone the field at a reasonable speed and be even coming out of turn four. The green flag will wave as the lead cars approach the starting line from turn four. No cars can pass until they are over the starting line. A false start will result in a yellow flag and the cars will line up again. It will be at the discretion of the track officials to rule whether the car causing the false start goes to the back of the field.



This flag indicates that there is only one lap left in the race. The official will wave this flag when the lead car on the final lap crosses the start/finish line.



Indicates the completion of the race. The first place car will usually do a victory lap with this flag flying from his car.

Rules subject to change in accordance to Howard Brown Memorial Speedway Management

1. Any car ten year or older 4 cylinder stock, with a wheelbase between 87" to 103".

2. Stock body, interior frame, transmission, suspension, dash, steering, and pedals.

3. Max left side weight 55%. Engines up to 1999cc the min. weight is 2100 pounds. Engines 2000cc or more the min weight is 2400 pounds. Cars with double overhead cams must add 50 lbs to right side. Cars with more that 2 valves per cylinder must add 50 lbs to right side.

4. Horns, radios, and speakers must remain intact and be in working condition. Trunk lids and hatch backs must not be removed.

5. Stock carburetor or fuel injection for make and model.

6. Hydraulic camshaft may not exceed gross valve lift of .410. All cars may be front or rear wheel drive but not both.

7. A single stock size exhaust pipe attached to stock exhaust manifold and remain same size until it exits car. Exhaust pipe and exhaust gases will exit behind the driver and 3 inches in front of rear wheel. Pipe must be cut flush with quarter panel outer edge.

8. Battery must be securely fastened and under the hood. A fire extinguisher must be within reach of driver.

9. Stock differential for that make and model. One wheel must spin freely at all times.

10. Tires must be 70 series summer or all season. Grooves max .25 inches. Stock wheels with a max. of 5" treads bead to bead. Wheels and tires must be of like size. NO low profile-type tires. No tire studs permitted.

11. If stock gas tank is ahead of rear axle it may remain in place. If stock gas tank is behind rear axle, it must be replaced with a fuel cell or boat tank, 28 liter max. Fuel cell/boat tanks must be covered, secured and located in trunk behind firewall.

12. Drivers door must be welded, bolted, or chained shut. Drivers side door plate required. A minimum 1/8" steel plate 16" wide (or 1/4" at least 12" wide) to be installed on outside of drivers door. Must be bolted through the door frames with a minimum of 8 carriage bolts. Center of plate must be 16.5" from ground. Plate must be painted same color as car.

13. A four (4) point roll bar welded or bolted to frame or unibody. (See diagrams)

14. All insulation, glass (except front windshield) must be removed. Windshield may be replaced with steel mesh " to one inch size.

15. Third brake light must be in working condition, mud flags required.

16. Approved helmets, with face shield or goggles, seat belts, gloves and long sleeved garments required. A safety net should be installed on drivers side door.

17. Car must be painted a bright color such as yellow, blue, red, green or orange. Black or white striping allowed.

18. Car numbers on doors must be at least 20" tall in an easy color to see color. Number on right hand top corner of windshield must be at least 6" tall. Number on roof must be 24" tall and readable from passenger side.

19. Car claims fee - $400.00. Claim does not include fuel cell, safety harness, seat or fire extinguisher. Any car may be claimed by any other driver for the claim fee and exchange of cars. Any car which wins 3 main features may be claimed by any driver or the track for the claim fee of $400.00 no exchange required. Any car winning 3 features and not claimed must add 50 pounds to right side for each feature win thereafter.



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